Cosmetic surgery is a type of surgery that can be used to change someone’s appearance significantly. You should be able to achieve your desirable look when you are using this surgery. It means that you can consider using this plastic surgery website, especially if you want to improve your overall appearance easily. You can find some doctors or surgeons who offer this method for their clients. There are some important factors that you need to take a look, so you can find the right surgery procedure for yourself. Here are some useful tips on how you can find the best surgery easily.

1. Choose the right surgeon

It is important for you to choose the right surgeon for performing this procedure. There are some surgeons who are ready to help all clients in their clinics. It is important for you to select reputable surgeons who have a lot of experience in this skin care industry. You also need to check their licenses, so you can find the best licensed surgeons easily. These licensed surgeons tend to provide high quality service for all customers.

2. Select your favorite surgery procedure

There are a lot of cosmetic surgery procedures that are great for all customers. You need to select the best procedure, for example breast augmentation, tummy tuck surgery, eyelid surgery, breast reduction, ear reshaping, liposuction, and many other procedures. Don’t forget to consult with your surgeons or dermatologists, so they can give the best recommendation for you. Finding the right procedure is very important to help you achieve your ideal appearance easily.

3. Manage your budget

This is another useful tip that you have to take a look. Managing your budget is very useful to help you avoid any financial problems in the future. You can compare some available procedures, so you can compare their rates. Different surgeons may have their own rates for all customers. Some doctors also offer additional discounts or deals for some of their new customers. Therefore, you need to contact some surgeons when you are looking for discounts for your cosmetic surgery procedure.

They are some useful tips that you can follow, so you can select the best surgery procedure for yourself. This surgery is very useful to increase your overall appearance significantly. Beautiful appearance can impact your overall life quality positively. You should be able to improve your confidence level after you complete this surgery properly. Many doctors also recommend their patients to take this surgery for improving their overall appearance.

When I meet with patients who are considering breast augmentation in Seattle, I listen very carefully to each individual’s desires and needs.  I believe it is essential to customize every procedure for each patient.  For example, I discuss considerations such as implant type, size, shape, and incision location.  That way, I can ensure that my patients have the beautiful results they deserve.

Here are some of the options you have:

Implant type

The first decision involves whether you prefer saline or silicone implants. Both implant types are FDA approved and safe, with different characteristics and benefits:

Silicone implants feel more like natural breast tissue than saline implants, which many women desire. They are less prone to rippling or shifting once inside the breast than saline implants.  However, silicone implants are more expensive, and if the implant shell should ever fail, it is silicone gel that can leak out, not saline.
Saline implants allow for some size adjustment during your surgery.  If your surgeon places saline implants into your breasts and determines that there is some asymmetry, the implant fill can be adjusted to obtain better symmetry. With silicone implants, this sort of size adjustment is not possible.  

To help you decide between implant types, ask your surgeon to explain the differences between them during your consultation.  Make certain that you understand the pros and cons of each type.

Implant size and shape

Several steps are involved in choosing the appropriate implant size and shape for your body and desired outcome. First, I discuss your goals for the appearance of your breasts after augmentation, to understand what you hope to achieve in terms of size and shape, and review any special concerns you might have about augmentation surgery. Next, I do a comprehensive breast exam assessing your breast size, shape, location, and symmetry. The distribution of breast tissue, skin quality, conditions such as breast ptosis (sagging) and chest wall deformities are also evaluated. By taking the time to perform this thorough evaluation, and making sure that I understand your desired outcome, we can choose which an implant size and shape is best suited for you both technically and aesthetically.

Incision location

Many women who undergo breast augmentation are concerned about the scar from placement of the implant. Most scars heal quickly and fade, so your scars are usually minimally visible no matter where they are. There are several options for incision location and risks and benefits for each.

Periareolar incision: The incision is made at the border of the dark skin surrounding the nipple, so the scar is difficult to see. But some areolas fade very gradually so there is no distinct border and the scar is more visible.
Transaxillary incision:  The incision is made in the patient’s armpit, and the implant is inserted into a pocket created under the muscle. This approach is done with an endoscope to insure accuracy and minimize any bleeding.
Inframammary incision: The incision is made in the inframammary fold (the fold beneath the breasts), so that the scar is hidden by the breast after surgery. This is the most direct approach for placing an implant under the muscle.


Getting your breast augmentation right

Careful consideration of all these factors before having plastic surgery in Seattle can help ensure you get the results you want. It’s also essential to choose a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, who has the experience and skills required to achieve the aesthetically pleasing, beautifully shaped breasts you desire.  Unfortunately, an increasing number of unqualified physicians are misrepresenting themselves as breast augmentation experts while truly lacking the education and experience needed to deliver consistent aesthetically pleasing results.  A growing part of my practice is performing secondary surgery for women who were dissatisfied with the results of their initial surgery elsewhere. So it is very important to carefully research the qualifications and experience of the surgeon you are considering to have perform your surgery.  

Be sure to take the time needed to select a qualified individual for your Seattle plastic surgery.

Dr. Braden Stridde is a board-certified plastic surgeon who performs Seattle plastic surgery procedures ranging from liposuction and tummy tuck to breast augmentation and facial surgery. To find out more about his training and extensive experience as a plastic surgeon, visit his Web site at


Every one of us wants to look our best. This is why we spend time and money on working out, eating healthy, and cosmetic products that can keep our skin young and glowing. But, most people nowadays suffer from a bulging stomach. A little fat here and there may look cute, but maybe its time for a tummy tuck when you find your bulges are getting in the way of clothes fitting better or you looking your best. With obesity and its serious consequences affecting a large population of the country, people are constantly on the lookout for feasible treatments that are quick and affective. While surgeries such as Abdominoplasty can be a bit complicated and unsuitable for some, there are some non-surgical body sculpting options available that are safe and viable for just about everyone who needs a little help in this matter.

Factors that play a major role in a person becoming obese or overtly fat are age, gender, genetics, environmental factors, psychological well-being, ecology, trauma, medication, decrease in physical activity on a day to day basis, hormonal imbalance, lifestyle and food habits. We see a lot of people these days, who are obsessed with their weight. They weigh themselves each day and most even have a weighing scale stacked away in a corner of their bedroom or bathroom. Well, one of the chief things you need to know about fat is that it does not carry much weight. This is the reason people who exercise to lose weight, sometimes weigh greater than they initially did, because they are gaining muscles which weigh a lot more than fat. Body sculpting focuses on fat loss and in turn losing inches in specific areas of the body to look slimmer.

The ideal candidates for such body sculpting procedures are ones that have lost weight but have reached a point of stagnation, have stubborn areas of fat or cellulite on some places of the body, want a perfect figure or physique, have tried and failed in all other means of weight loss, or are not able to diet or exercise due to some physical problem or health issues. These treatments can help with inch loss, body contouring, body toning, tummy tuck, arm tuck and thigh tuck. Some of the most popular treatments to achieve fat loss are Ultrasonic Lipolysis, Endermology, Radiofrequency with Diode Laser, and Mesotherapy.

The good news is that such treatments for tummy tuck are non-invasive, scientific and therapeutic; they may be gradual but have permanent results, are painless, and do not carry any serious risks to health or otherwise. To maintain your sculpted figure, you can make a few lifestyle changes and incorporate physical activity and a healthy diet in your daily life.

The good news is that such treatments for tummy tuck are non-invasive, scientific and therapeutic; they may be gradual but have permanent results, are painless, and do not carry any serious risks to health or otherwise.


Breast Augmentation Los Angeles .

“>Who Should Have Breast Augmentation? Mammaplasty, or breast augmentation, is for anyone who is self-conscience about their breasts for any reason. Being self-conscience is reason enough to seek a consultation from a plastic surgeon. Breast augmentation candidates must be 18 years old or older and must be in good physical health.

In addition, there are some other issues to consider before having breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation could interfere with breast feeding if this is something that a woman plans to do in the future. Breast augmentation is also not a procedure that lasts a lifetime. There could be the need for sensitivity.

In contrast, having increased self esteem from having breast augmentation surgery often outweighs all the risks. Just knowing that you look better in your clothes, that you can buy the styles that you want, that your body is in proportion and that you feel good about yourself is enough to move forward with a breast augmentation procedure.

The Implants Before your procedure, you will have a consultation with your plastic surgeon. You will have to decide what exactly you want your outcome to be and what type of implant you desire. The main two choices are saline filled or silicone filled implants.

You have to be at least 22 years old to receive silicone implants. Silicone implants move more like natural breasts. It is possible to develop an implant leak with either type of implant you choose. If a leak develops in a silicone filled implant, the silicone should stay in the implant itself. With silicone, there needs to be occasional follow up with the surgeon to ensure that everything is remaining in place and intact. Also, the incision required to place a silicone filled implant is larger than is required for a saline implant.

For saline implants, the saline is filled after it is placed in the breast so the incision is smaller. Saline does not move or feel as natural as silicone, but if there is a leak, the saline is safely absorbed by the body. Another advantage of saline is that the size may be adjusted after the implants are in place. Saline can easily be added or taken out to achieve the desired size at any time. Since silicone implants are filled before implanting changing the size is not an option unless they are removed. Saline implants are less expensive than silicone implants.

The Procedure Before the procedure you will have an in-depth consultation with your plastic surgeon. You will discuss the type of implant, what you want the outcome (size and shape) to be and what the procedure will be like. Typically, there are three places the surgeon may choose to make the incision in which they will insert the implant. The incision could be at the bottom of the breast, the bottom of the areola or the armpit.

Recovery time is usually one week. After a week, you should be back to normal activities. There will be some discomfort after the procedure and minimal scarring that will continue to fade over time.

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